Women of Courage

Growth through Leadership Team and Mentors

Women of Courage (WOC), our outreach program to single moms in the community, has grown this year through a new Leadership Committee and an expansion of the Mentoring program.

WOC Director Carol Garcia created a Leadership Team with five moms from among the more seasoned, long-time members to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience as single moms.  They are not expected to serve as Mentors, but as more experienced peers who support the ministry through prayer, leadership and shepherding of the other WOC members. They meet monthly to learn a biblical view of leadership.  

As Carol shared, “The community base of our programming is so important because they learn from one another.”

Second, our Mentorship Program for WOC moms that kicked off late 2017 is growing, and our second Mentor Training was held this month.  A mentor is a trusted advisor who comes alongside someone to support and challenge toward improved wellbeing. We now have 11 WOC mentors, including six new, all invited to participate in mentor training provided by FLS Board Member and retired professor of social work, Twyla Lee.

Twyla explains, “Mentors play a vital role in the lives of families FLS serves by being a consistent touchpoint in their lives. Research indicates that one of the best ways to help persons who are struggling to make positive strides in their life is to have a trusted mentor. The women in WOC can benefit greatly from an adult walking with them through their life circumstances and help them process things they encounter in their daily lives.

The Mentor Training strives to help the mentor understand what their role would be, equip them to fulfill that role, and to gain a greater understanding of what life is like for many of the families we serve. Do you feel a nudge to share your experience as a mom and a mature woman of faith to walk alongside one of our moms? Visit flscs.org/GetInvolved!

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