Women of Courage – Marlee’s Story

Like scaffolding, Women of Courage gatherings build relationships that launch growth. As nonresidential moms gather monthly at FLS to fight isolation, develop skills, and grow spiritually, WOC Aspire provides the structure that pairs single moms with a godly, wise, trained mentor.

Marlee has benefitted beautifully from WOC Aspire and exemplifies the goal of the program: when moms from these partnerships show significant emotional growth and spiritual maturity, they can advance to become a mentor themselves.

“I’ve been poured into, and I want to pour into others. We all need someone in our court.”

Raising her twelve year-old son within the WOC community (“I never miss a meeting!”), Marlee admits, “It’s the hardest season when you’re a single parent. It’s easy to get into a poverty trap,” alluding to the difficult economic circumstances she has overcome. “But,” she adds, “I’m positioning myself with my tools in my toolbox.” Indeed, Marlee is not only adding stability, piece by piece, to her own life; she will also help a younger mom erect the same scaffolding, spiritually, financially and practically, that her mentor helped her to build.

Marlee is deeply grateful for the mentor who invested in her. Communicating weekly and meeting monthly, mentors help mentees set goals and achieve them. They pray for and listen to them.

Nikki Lindquist, WOC Program Director, explains, “Part of the success of our program is great mentors. Having a good mentor helps the moms feel like someone is on their side.”

WOC Aspire is proving effective and transformative. As Nikki affirms, “One of the goals of Women of Courage is to see single moms go from victims to victors! This year we have two moms who have graduated from being mentees to mentors. These moms will make exceptional mentors because they can relate so well to the new moms coming into the program.”

Marlee is certainly a victor. Triumphing over circumstances that could have kept her down, she has risen to pass on the tools that have helped her build a better future.  “It’s good to have someone older than you to speak into your life, and someone younger than you to speak into,” she says with confidence.

We praise God for the staff, mentors, volunteers and donors who make this powerful process possible.

Teach the older women to live the way those who serve the Lord should live…By doing this they will teach the younger women…”

Titus 2: 3,4

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