Volunteer Spotlight: the Frame Family

Mixing bowls and measuring cups are ministry for Cinthia and Bryan Frame. FLS’s mission resonates deeply for this dedicated couple, and they believe delivering a monthly meal is a recipe for joy.

“I was a single mom,” Cinthia shares. “And seeing this place, this beautiful setting, for single moms to have support, to have a safe place for their kids…it’s incredible.” Bryan affirms that having a role in helping moms build a new future is in step with the couple’s long-held passion for ministry to those needing hope.

The Frames join the long line—almost 80 years long!–of committed volunteers who have tithed their time and talents at FLS. Yet it’s evident that modeling hands-on service within their own home—and kitchen– is a value the couple holds dear.

“I always thought our kids would be raised in the ministry,” Bryan explains, “but with my health journey, I had to step away from that.”

Bryan was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago. Though he has far exceeded doctors’ expectations, he and Cinthia are acutely aware that each day is precious and to be lived intentionally. ”One of our biggest desires is for our kids to live out their faith,” Bryan explains, “So I asked, ‘What is something we can do together?’” The answer came in meeting the need for delicious meals every second Saturday for Women of Courage. As a family, they cook together, and then deliver a blessing to tired moms.

Frederick Buechner famously asserted, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” In the midst of their own challenges, the Frames have answered a call that fuels deep gladness: providing sustenance that is food not only for the body, but for the soul, as well. A simple meal that affirms: “We see you. You’re loved. You’re doing great,” to moms who need a steady diet of encouragement. Thank you, Frame family, for so thoughtfully living out your faith at FLS!

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