Volunteer Spotlight: Evy Shares God’s gifts for more than a decade at FLS

Evy Reitz

Evy Reitz is one of FLS’ super volunteers, having served in various roles since at least 2007. What is her motivation?  “I like to use my gifting from God, which is administration and helps, in the Lord’s service.”

And wow, has she done just that! Evy uses her mature faith, along with her degree in business administration and her 51+ years of experience in administrative roles at the Navigators, in support of our mission. She currently provides 8-10 hours every week of administrative support in the office and as the “right hand” for our Women of Courage Director, Carol Garcia, for their monthly brunches and other events.  “I like volunteering here because I really enjoy working with each of the staff,” she shares.

Evy first learned about FLS through her church, NE Bible Chapel, which was very involved in our founding years.  She initially helped with the children’s program on Thursday nights, and then served as a mentor to one of the children.

Her mentor role continued as a Bible Mentor with four consecutive Resident Moms for 1-2 years each, and then finally a Women of Courage Mom. “I truly enjoyed those relationships! I still keep in touch at least to a small degree with every one of those moms.

“The best part was seeing the women get into the Word and having it become part of their lives.” She shared about one Mom who was able to complete assessments about her spiritual gifts and personality, along with her study of Scripture. “It was so incredibly eye-opening for this mom to see who she was. It was very freeing for her to see herself not full of deficits, but full of gifts.  That was the biggest ‘a-ha moment’ that I saw a Mom experience.”

In her “spare time”, Evy enjoys traveling and is a Broncos fan.

Thank you so much, Evy, for using God’s gifts to impact the lives of the moms and kids we serve!

Want to share your gifts like Evy?  Visit our to volunteer page to get involved!

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