Volunteer Spotlight

Hannah’s internship helps build better futures: for her and our families

Hannah was immediately drawn to FLS when she learned about us. She was raised by a single mom for nine of her early years and she felt she could relate to moms and kids on campus.

That connection grew apparent as Hannah grew into her position as our intern through her Master’s in Social Work program at DU. Being at FLS for a full year, she’s aided both kids and moms in their efforts to build new and brighter futures.

The variety of the work in her first year internship, she said, helps her get a full perspective on social work in the real world. She started with broader work related to the organization – such as grants and research about past client outcomes – and worked her way up to assisting directly with clients: working with kids from three different families, serving as a peer mentor to a young adult, and eventually walking alongside a couple of the moms. “With the kids, we were able to work on interpersonal skills, social skills, and even positive child-adult interactions, producing interventions where they were needed. I’ve had experience in everything from that to Life Skills classes to social media!”

These experiences served the purpose of the internship: Hannah not only learned the job but honed her own skills and interests. “I originally thought I was interested primarily in helping adults – that there was no way I would be drawn to working with kids. But I loved my time with the kids and now I’m open to that possibility for my future career in social work!”

Hannah shares, “I love the mission of FLS, what we do here, the kids and moms that I work with. I love how welcome I’ve felt the whole time, and how I feel like I’m making positive changes in people’s lives.”

What would she tell other potential interns? “The work itself can be difficult,” she admits. “But it is incredibly rewarding. You learn a lot about the clients, but also yourself!”

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