These Teens are Volunteer Rock Stars

Teens volunteer


These faces! Each is a bright light & welcome sight to FLS children! Our high school volunteers knock it out of the park every Monday night when they serve our Courageous Kids as moms learn & grow together. We asked them why they do it!?

Ian first came to fulfill National Honor Society service hours, but stayed because the kids captured his heart. “It feels good to give. I was hooked— they’re so fun!,” says Ian, who’s a master at flashlight tag and who’s headed to CO School of Mines next year. “I love playing with the kids and feel like I’m doing something of importance,” adds Macie, a freshman at Manitou HS who brings her boundless energy & bright smile as she supports the “littles” on the third floor. Siblings Luca, Stella, & Sophie agree. Luca observed his older sisters volunteering, and jumped in with the elementary kids because “helping out and serving my community is so rewarding.” Sophie, who adores the babies, sees how “being a constant in the kids’ lives brings them joy.” When she walked into the playroom and one of the kiddos lit up with smiles, gleefully running to hug her leg, she knew her presence made a difference. Her sister Stella, 17, enjoys watching the kids grow week by week and observes that FLS “is like a big family. Every week I get to play a new game and see them laugh. I love having fake snowball fights, puppet shows, and singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’.”

In the midst of busy homework & sports schedules, by just showing up, these amazing students communicate to FLS kids: “You matter. You’re valued. I’m here for you.” We’re over the top grateful for these rock stars of FLS!

Want to volunteer on Monday night, on Women of Courage Saturdays, or flexible weekdays?

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