Silvia’s Story

  FLS became a haven of safety & hope. It feels like a family to me.”

Intense turbulence marked the final years of Silvia’s marriage. She found herself isolated, a single mom with two boys. Born and raised in Germany, she’d followed her military husband to many duty stations, landing in Colorado–far from family.

Silvia struggled as she worked full time to raise her boys: “It was extremely hard without family support. I felt lost, filled with fear that I could not make it alone.” She heard of Family Life Services through Discovery Church. Women of Courage, FLS’ outreach to nonresidential single moms—many of whom are former residents–gave Silvia a new perspective, a place that felt like family.

“I was exhausted. Life had drained my batteries. FLS is like a life saver, a lifeline. I would feel like I’m drowning without it.” The monthly meetings—a chance to be with other Christ-followers & to “recharge her batteries”—became “a haven of safety and hope.”  She entered a one-on-one mentorship, and is grateful for the Scripture her mentor offers to address life’s obstacles. “I have so much more to learn! She helps me walk through life with Christ in mind.”

The embrace of family extends to her kids: “It’s hard on my children not to have any grandparents or a strong male role model, so when we’ve gone to FLS and the warm, welcoming volunteers play soccer or basketball with them, they’ve given my children the feeling of love like they’d get from grandparents or a father figure….”

“Christmas is especially hard with only one parent. But FLS shows them they’re loved by Christ and others. I didn’t think a 16 year-old would get so intensely excited about Christmas as mine did last year. It was so heartwarming to see his eyes light up at the FLS holiday events….even at his age. I think that is making the greatest difference…….that my child feels loved by more than just his mom and his brother.”

Acclaimed psychiatrist & author Curt Thompson, MD, cites neurobiological research that each of us deeply needs to feel “seen, soothed, safe, & secure.” God works through FLS to meet this embedded longing in moms & kids. A recent adventure for Silvia & her son illustrates this: the two attended camp with other FLS families! Thanks to a generous partnership with Camp Elim & Tarryall River Ranch, they enjoyed overnight camp last month for free—but the rewards were priceless: Mother-son bonding. A chance to go deeper and connect longer with other single moms, to beat isolation and build friendships. To learn about Jesus’ great love. To feel seen, soothed, safe, secure.

Silvia is drawing closer to God, to her children, and to fellow moms. Though far from her native home, she’s linking arms with others, building a new future, one rooted in community and in God’s love.

The generous support of our donors & volunteers makes this possible. Thank you for sharing your resources to change lives!

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