Program Update: Moms working hard and men mentoring youth

Our Resident Program continues at top capacity of nine single moms on campus, all of whom are fully engaged at various stages in our two-year program and working hard toward their goals.

Our children on campus are also thriving with new male mentors under the creative direction of Becca, Child & Youth Coordinator. Three men are working with our youth to provide them with positive male role models and teach them new life skills. “By learning to use tools, work with their hands, and express themselves creatively, our youth have been developing their character. Not only are they learning basic life skills like how to use a hammer and nails, but they are also learning what it means to be a good steward, how to respect hard work and property, what it means to be generous and thoughtful, and how to practice positive team work. By cutting their own wood, hammering their own nails, and choosing their own paint colors this Christmas, they were able to show their moms their appreciation with a spice rack gift!” explains Becca.

One of our moms shared, “I never expected my 9-year-old to make something so cool. I am so proud of him! It’s so good for the boys, especially their self-esteem!”

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