On Mother’s Day: Rallying around single moms–with HOPE

His dimples melt us, little sparks of joy on his caramel-brown cheeks, skin like butter. Her hugs delight us, petite arms reaching out as she arrives for Monday evening group, eyes smiling as our “Did you have a good day at Kindergarten?” meets her polite, “Yes, ma’am!” A bright spot on campus, these two siblings’ mere presence trumpets their mom’s courage.

A year ago, their mom chose hope.

The road to Family Life Services wasn’t easy for her. A heavy cloak of despair draped over her when she found herself pregnant and alone, a single mom who’d suffered domestic violence. Her living situation was ending. Though she held a job, she couldn’t afford housing, and blamed herself mercilessly for her unexpected situation. Family and friends turned their backs on her. Hopeless, she felt that terminating her pregnancy remained the only way forward, and with foreboding, arrived at a local women’s pregnancy center. “We don’t provide those services here,” she was told, and knew this to be a sign from God. A couple volunteering at the clinic that day told her about Family Life Services, and subsequently swept her up into their lives.

Embracing this new hope, she applied, interviewed, & settled into the refuge of her FLS apartment. “When I came to FLS, I felt so at peace, peace that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I could finally rest because I felt stable, happy, full of joy.”

This tenacious mom now felt secure. “Being around genuine people who were like me felt safe, like I could open up.” She softened, seeing with new eyes that “God is for me, loves me, and wants the best for me & my children.”

Her baby boy has grown from infant to toddler, enchanting staff and volunteers who vie for a chance to bounce him on their knees. Her energetic daughter grows taller and smarter each day, looking up to a mama who’s become a leader on campus. Indeed, this mom, once exhausted and full of fear, now fearlessly shares Scripture with fellow moms, boosting them with inspiration to press on. And this month, she launched into stable housing, thriving in her job, secure in who she is, deeply grateful for the restoration she encountered at FLS. “My life has absolutely changed. I now have more than enough.” With a new sense of purpose, she’s already connected to Women of Courage, our non-residential program, to continue her growth and the calling she senses from God: encouraging other single moms.

As Mother’s Day approaches each year, we ask our partners to rally around mothers in crisis because stories like this one are real. God is on the move, and your contribution makes a difference. Your generosity unleashes the life change FLS offers. We see over and over that FLS changes the trajectory of whole families and breaks harmful generational patterns.

Will you prayerfully consider a special donation this Mother’s Day to advance the bright futures of single moms exiting homelessness and domestic violence? Family homelessness is on the rise. Your investment ushers in hope that heals. Thank you for considering a gift or a monthly recurring partnership. We’re so grateful!

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