November Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

This is the season of Thanksgiving and harvest. It is with grateful hearts that we connect with you and bring you this update. Since we do not receive any government funding for our services, we totally rely on the donations, volunteerism, and prayers of our faithful partners. We are going through many transitions at Family Life Services and it is through your faithful partnership in all these areas that we continue our work.

How important is that work? Recently we received a letter and generous financial contribution from a single mom who was part of the Women of Courage Program some years ago. She describes her time in the program as a “miraculous experience” that equipped her to navigate the hardships of her life. Her life path has taken her away from Colorado Springs, but her commitment and support of WOC remains strong. Her child has grown up and is currently in graduate school. She closes her letter with the following; “I’m convinced God provides treasures for all Moms and their children”. We hope this one story of many we could tell answers the question, “How important is this work?”

The holidays are before us and that can be a tough time for our families. We try to support them relationally and tangibly through this time. If you would like to contribute to this support, just make a note on your contributions that you would like to help in providing for services and gifts to our families during the holidays. They and we will be most grateful.

What is happening at FLS? We are in the first few months of actualizing a partnership with Greccio Housing. Greccio processes the applications of single-mom families that need low-rent housing and FLS provides a holistic community in which they can live and grow. Our services include social events, counseling, youth activities, mentoring and a safe environment. We also continue to provide the outreach program, Women of Courage, for single-mom families living beyond our campus. Volunteers are vital to all that we do. We thank those who are faithful volunteers and invite others to contact us if there are ways you would like to serve.

Recent updates have made it clear that FLS is in need of additional financial support in order to increase the workload of staff and accept more families into the programs we offer. We trust God to provide all our needs as we seek to be faithful in fulfilling the mission He has called us to. We invite you to continue to be part of this mission in whatever ways you are able.

So we sign off for this month with grateful hearts,

FLS Board & Staff

Ross Haycock, President

Al De La Roche, Treasurer

Twyla Lee, Secretary

Ron Bennett, Member & Counselor; 719.632.4661;

Kristin Gordley

Joe Williams


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