Moms build futures here

Four phases to a better future

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. Deut 31.8

Family Life Services is an intimate community of moms and their children. Our residential program is a safe place carved out for courageous women who are building new life patterns and leaving old ones behind.

The program that accompanies each mom on this two-year journey has four phases, structured to help them achieve the future they desire and that God intends.

With the work of God and skilled staff at their side, this is how Moms build futures here:

Phase 1: Settle in to the Safe Harbor that is FLS.In this phase, moms are leaving past situations behind and settling into our safe community. Addressing the whole family’s basic needs and safety concerns, moms find that they can breathe, feel safe, and start thinking about their future.

Phase 2: Moving Beyond Survival. Now that moms are settled, this phase brings them deeper. They increase self awareness, take a deep dive into their financial situation, and build community at FLS and in a church.

Phase 3: Casting a Vision to Thrive. Usually beginning the second year of their journey, this phase builds on the work they have done to break from the past and creates a vision for their future. They intensively consider their strengths and concrete paths to reach long-term goals.

Phase 4: Transition to Independence. Transformed through their hard work and the work of God during the first three phases, they are ready to launch. This final phase walks moms through the practical steps for finding their new home and their new stable futures.

Each phase includes ample opportunity for self-reflection, clear measurements of progress, and incentives for meeting goals. Resident Program Director Sandra Kirby shares, “The program is effective because moms are able to see their own progress, encouraging them to keep moving forward by setting goals toward their new futures.”

While this work is gritty and challenging, it is also full of promise. Through hard work, personal relationships in community, and the indispensable work of God, families find hope for a better life.

Thank you for your support to help moms build futures here.

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