Happy Summer! Casting our cares upon the Lord

FLS Community Garden, grown and maintained by moms and kids

Dear Supporters and Friends-

Happy Summer!  We hope this note finds you well and safe and enjoying the summer despite these unusual times.   Just a quick note to let you, our supporters and friends, know that we are thinking of you and asking your prayers for moms and kids.

In the midst of these turbulent times, we  find solid solace in casting our cares on the Lord, Who is ever present and cares for each one of us so powerfully and well.

Since our last update around Mother’s Day, we have taken some steps forward and a few back.  Many of our moms – in both our residential Families Building Futures program and our outreach Women of Courage program – have had some work restored. Others have not, and can’t access childcare in order to help them find and maintain employment.  Each mom is very concerned about what will happen with school this fall.  If the schools don’t open, most will have a very difficult time maintaining their jobs with kids home, not to mention the concern it raises for the kids’ educational gaps.  On campus, we have had some new faces join us and others move on.

But despite all, moms are growing and being invited to trust along their walk with the Lord.  A very positive spirit of support pervades our campus right now as moms actively support one another with their plans and goals.  For instance, a mom who is quitting smoking learned to reach out when she was battling cravings and all the other moms rallied behind her to help her through a tough moment.  Other moms shared their scarce TP with a new mom moving in.  Many other small acts of kindness pop up every day.

Our Life Skills curriculum this summer, REAL Essentials, has increased insight into self-identity, unique giftings, communication strategies, and building character traits for healthy relationships. We’ve witnessed meaningful moments, when a lightbulb turns on and a mom catches a better vision for her future.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support and for the ways that God provides through your generosity and prayers. Please continue to pray for our moms and kids that they, too, may learn always to cast their cares upon our Lord, Who sustains us with such love. Blessings to you and yours for a happy and healthy summer!


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