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Family Life Services is currently advertising for the following positions:

Job Title: Resident Program Coordinator

Supervisor: Executive Director

Classification: .5, Salaried

The Resident Program Coordinator will be part of a team charged with executing all aspects of the Family Life Services resident program.  All families who reside on the Family Life Services campus participate in this program, which offers space and an individualized program for healing and holistic life transformation. FLS stands firmly in the belief that Jesus Christ is our only sure hope of transformation and is our model for ministry. The Resident Program Coordinator will affirm this foundation for the resident program. Each program coordinator will partner with approximately four residents to complete the resident program.


As a member of the resident program team, the Resident Program Coordinator will:


  1. Coordinate the intake and placement of residents, including
    1. Interview and help select program participants to ensure maximum program participation;
    2. Facilitate Move In and Move Out, including property review, distribution/collection of keys, and orientation session;
    3. Maintain a list of maintenance needs for each apartment;
    4. Collaborate with the Operations Director, property maintenance employees and volunteers on apartment needs.


  1. For each resident partner, implement resident program curriculum, including
    1. Develop an individualized case plan to propel each resident partner through the four levels of the resident program.
    2. Meet weekly with program participants to establish partnership, provide accountability, assess progress and set goals;
    3. Plan, coordinate and facilitate weekly group meetings among participants;
    4. Research appropriate community resources for each participant and advocate for access to identified resources;
    5. Document case management services;
    6. Collaborate with relevant community service providers to maintain broad understanding of resources available and to monitor resident participation.


  1. Collaborate with FLS Staff to Execute Mission
    1. Attend staff meetings;
    2. Contribute effectively and productively to team with open communication;
    3. Help maintain a structured environment on campus;
    4. Fulfill other ministry needs as needed and assigned;
    5. Minister by presence, modeling behavior consistent with the fruits of the spirit.


Knowledge/Experience Required

  1. College degree in social work or related field.
  2. Prior experience in ministry to families.
  3. Willingness and experience in trauma informed practices, abuse and family disruption.
  4. Excitement to work with a team that is committed to life transformation.
  5. Valid driver’s license.
  6. Pass CBI background.


Character Required

  1. Committed, mature Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Strong commitment and dedication to the mission of Family Life Services.
  3. Commitment to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith and policies of Family Life Services.
  4. Commitment to uphold FLS Core Values.


Strengths Required

  1. Presents appropriately including appearance, manner, demeanor and dress.
  2. Able to relate favorably and win long term confidence and trust.
  3. Enthusiastic, high level of energy, possesses genuine warmth and friendliness.
  4. Self aware of strengths and shortcomings.
  5. Emotionally resilient; capable of handling pressure and rejections without inappropriate disappointment. Open to correction.
  6. Strong ability to understand different perspectives and viewpoints and to employ appropriate decisions.
  7. Flexible and comfortable in dealing with continual program changes.
  8. Follows Biblical model of servant leadership to accomplish ministry and personal goals.
  9. Adherence to confidentiality guidelines.


To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference to info@flscs.org

Job Title: Operations Manager

Reports to:  Executive Director

Classification: .5, Exempt

Position Objective

The Operations Manager has responsibility for effectively meeting the operational goals and objectives that advance the mission of Family Life Services, as determined by the Executive Director. The primary areas of responsibility are operational management, property development, and facilities management.

Position Responsibilities

Operational Management

  1. Oversee implementation of annual budget.
  2. Oversee risk management, including insurance and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Oversee all IT matters.
  4. Design and implement program assessment and evaluation tools.
  5. Oversee and keep accurate and up to date financial reports and other required records.
  6. Oversee administrative staff and volunteers.

Facilities Management

  1. Oversee implementation of facilities maintenance plan.
  2. Oversee regular repair and maintenance of FLS property so that facilities are safe and comfortably habitable.
  3. Oversee maintenance staff.
  4. Oversee volunteer teams donating time to property maintenance.
  5. Execute occupancy goals
    1. Ensure apartments are made ready quickly for new residents
    2. Coordinate screening and interviewing of candidates

Other duties, as needed and directed by the Executive Director

Working Environment and Physical Requirements:  office environment.

Knowledge, Experience, Skills Required

 Two years of experience in facility oversight or construction.

  1. Two years of experience in administrative leadership, including financial management
  2. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  3. Collaborative, Leadership, empathy, interpersonal communication, highly organized.

Spiritual Character Required

  1. Committed, mature Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Mission, Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, and all policies of Family Life Services.
  3. Servant Leader
  4. Uphold the Core Values of FLS

Strengths Required

  1. Professional in appearance, manner, demeanor and dress.
  2. High level of energy and warmth.
  3. Self aware, open to correction, emotionally resilient.
  4. Empathetic, strives to understand different perspectives.
  5. Flexible and comfortable with an ever changing and dynamic program.

Position Benefits

  1. Twenty PTO .5 days per year and .5 paid holidays.
  2. Please note that this position does not offer a medical or retirement package.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference to info@flscs.org.



Thank you for your interest.  Please see our Volunteer or Donate pages to support our ministry.

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