FLS Annual Report

(For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020)

This fiscal year has been unlike any other in our long history, but God has remained the same and continued to provide and guide. You may remember, we just shared our last fiscal year report with you in February. Our goal is to share it with you each Fall, shortly after our fiscal year ends on June 30. Please enjoy the highlights from our “Scrapbook” of the last year and join us in thanking God for His continued provision and progress in our ministry.


We are grateful for our 78+ years in ministry on this corner in Colorado Springs. Highlights among this year’s challenges and opportunities to FLS include:

  • Housed 14 single moms and 41 children in our Families Building Futures residential program.
  • Ministered to 19 single moms and 34 kids as regular attendees of our Women of Courage outreach program.
  • No shut-down of services – ever! Creatively adapted to meet needs of families under the virus.


Volunteers are vital to our ministry. Thanks, Volunteer, for helping families build new futures at FLS!



Scrapbook 2020

2000 Legos assembled in Robotics program brought to kids by Verizon volunteers before pandemic shut down!
160 watering cans of water used by 10 toddlers to water our growing garden plants and growing toddlers.
10 little toddler hands strengthened by using safety scissors each week to trim plants in the garden
15 bikes repaired and 30 new tubes donated and installed by volunteers for kids’ bikes on campus
15 homemade cardboard cars at our “drive-in” movie night.
1000+ Residents served! 100% of moms since 2017 who stayed with us 6 months improved their level of education or their income AND job satisfaction.

Board of Directors

Debby Gayson, President

Twyla Lee, Secretary

Kyle Wilson, Treasurer

Ken Janzen

Kim Lee

Family Life Services (Christian Home for Children, DBA Family Life Services) is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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