Corona Update 2: Easter hope on campus amidst corona virus impacts

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter! We hope all of you were able to find ways to celebrate this joyous season of our redemption. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

We are so grateful for all the ways that you have upheld our ministry, moms, and kids during these trying times as we all try to navigate the impacts of the corona virus.

First, thank you so much for all of you who have continued and even increased your donations. Your support to our Families Building Futures residential program and Women of Courage outreach program is even more important these days.

Facing shortfalls, many organizations have cut services. While we are being very prudent with our resources and some staff have voluntarily reduced their hours, we are only minimally cutting direct services. We are laser focused on being present to moms, tangibly demonstrating they are not alone and directing them to the one true source of Hope.

You may have seen our blog in March that describes the impacts of this situation on our moms.  Since that time, nearly all of our moms have had their work hours reduced to almost zero.  They are fully feeling the stress of this economic situation and have great anxiety about the future.  All have been in many tight times before and were just getting back on their feet, so crisis situations like this can act as a powerful trigger to pull them back into fear.  It is crucial that we continue to walk alongside them as much as possible.   Your donations keep our program staff at top capacity, so they can continue to work daily with our moms who live with us on campus and those in our outreach program throughout El Paso County.

In addition to funds, many generous donors have rallied to provide needed supplies, computers for kids to connect to online school, and even a huge number of Easter supplies so that all kids could have a holy and happy Easter! Our hearts are warmed by such generosity.

Necessity has always been the mother of invention, so we are being creative in meeting needs of families while still maintaining social distance:

  • Community continues, online. Community discussions via Zoom, group texts, and videos developed just for moms and kids not just to survive but thrive in this time (parenting helps, creating a daily schedule/routine, indoor and outdoor activity ideas, such as how to play old-fashioned games with minimal materials required, etc).
  • Zumba via Zoom has been especially hilarious!
  • Our fabulous Children’s Ministry volunteer team is connecting with our kids through Zoom and by writing them special letters.
  • We’ve provided age appropriate craft and activity kits throughout campus to keep little hands busy and little minds learning.
  • We ensured each child could connect to school via appropriate internet connections and donated laptops.
  • We ensured that every family has an active connection to a church where they can connect online – or, for our newest residents, referred them to our primary Church Partners – so that every family could receive an Easter Gospel message of hope.

Through these types of efforts and your continued support and prayers, we know that God will continue to provide for the community on this corner, as He has done so faithfully for the past 78 years.  Despite the trials in the world right now, we thank and trust during this joyful Easter in Jesus, our only source of redemption and hope.

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