Another Successful CityServe at Family Life Services


On Saturday, October 7th, the Family Life Services campus was bursting with activity as over three dozen volunteers showed up to give of their time and talents, blessing us through CityServe, a city-wide service initiative put on by COSILoveYou. With the support and direction of numerous FLS Staff, these amazing volunteers made a huge impact by participating in various projects around the property.

The wood fencing that surrounds the property, adding beauty and safety to the campus, was coated with waterproofing to help ensure its longevity. Additionally, the wooden tables that offer plenty of seating, places to eat, or spaces to enjoy outdoor art projects, also received a coat of waterproofing. This was a large amount of work! It was amazing to see a group of committed volunteers work so hard to complete these projects!

And that’s not all…another group turned over the garden, preparing it for the winter by finishing harvesting any fruits and vegetables, pulling plants and weeds, covering the soil with compost, and leaving it looking beautiful and tidy. This will ensure that the garden, which was bursting with growth this year, will be ready for another successful growing season in the spring.

Finally, more helping hands pruned plants, pulled weeds, trimmed back growth, turned the soil and more all around the property, bringing a sense of peace and order after a robust, beautiful summer! So much was accomplished over a few short hours on a sunny, fall morning!

It is true that “many hands make light work” and we saw that first-hand as people showed up to lovingly care for Family Life Services, supporting us through being the hands and feet of Christ. We are truly grateful for the love and care that we receive, again and again, through our amazing volunteers. We know that the mission and ministry of FLS would not be possible without the constant support of our community, and we are truly grateful. We see evidence of this love as we enjoy the beautified campus, and we know that it was the amazing people that came to us through CityServe that added to this beauty. We have full hearts as recipients of this selfless love and we pray that the ministry that happens at Family Life Services will continue to make an impact and continue to grow and we know that so much of this happens because of the hearts of people that choose to serve. Truly, we thank you.


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