Annual Report 2023

With joy, we share the fruit of our most recent fiscal year with you, our partners. Thank you for the many & mighty ways you’ve come alongside single moms as they leave behind homelessness and domestic violence to become the stable heads of their households, equipped to meet their children’s needs. Perhaps this year you brought a meal, donated scooters, pulled weeds, or gave generously of your financial resources. Your partnership propels moms toward a brighter future, and we are deeply grateful! FLS has sheltered the vulnerable on the corner of Cascade & Cheyenne Road for over 81 years, and with thanks to God, we offer this update of our fiscal year ending June 30, 2023.

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NONPROFIT ANALYTICS, a product of Excellence in Giving, reveals the health and performance of individual nonprofits. FLS has earned the Certified Transparency Seal. See our key performance data.

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