Our Mission:

Family Life Services helps single moms and their children build new futures through faith-based community. 

Our Goal:

For every mom to launch from FLS as the stable head of her household, equipped to meet her family’s challenges.

Who We Are: A Safe Refuge for Single Moms and Their Children

Family Life Services serves single moms and their children who are escaping domestic violence and the threat of homelessness. More than transitional housing, FLS builds futures with these families through trauma-informed care and robust programs to achieve stability and self-sufficiency.   

Some of the families we serve are facing sudden financial emergencies or domestic violence situations. Some are digging their way out of generational poverty. But in all cases, FLS women are courageous, hard-working moms who are also working hard at personal transformation. It’s gritty and challenging—and full of promise.   

Single moms and their children are some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Nationally and locally family homelessness is on the rise and our community is desperate for the services FLS provides. When FLS offers a safe harbor for single moms and their children, we interrupt generational cycles and equip moms to provide what their children need most: a safe home, a strong parent and long-term stability. When moms become the stable heads of their households, equipped to meet their children’s needs, families can heal. Children can thrive. And their trajectory changes generations.  

Why We Serve: To Equip Single Moms to Build Their Better Future 

God is at work in the FLS village. While FLS imposes no faith requirements on moms, our staff hopes moms and kids will experience God’s unswerving commitment to them and their bright future.  

How We Equip Moms: In-Depth Coaching in Community 

 Our two-year residential program, Families Building Futures, is an intimate community of moms and their children.  In this relational environment, moms: 

  • Work hard and grow through weekly coaching and group instruction. 
  • Increase their family’s strength and resilience after trauma and loss. 
  • Engage in significant financial training, often for the first time in their lives. 
  • Labor toward a future as the heads of their households, equipped to meet their children’s needs. 

Our non-residential program, Women of Courage, provides this same lifeline for single moms and their children in an out-based program. This transformational and supportive community: 

  • Dispels isolation while moms develop the same skills of the residential program 
  • Typically includes 25 families who gather monthly 
  • Comprises many former residents continuing the work they began on campus. 
  • Matches moms with specially trained mentors who meet moms where they are and walk beside them to help them reach their goals.  


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