Family Life Gate

About Our Heritage and Mission

Our Heritage

With a rich tradition of helping the needs of changing families, Family Life Services has its’ roots in a 70-year history serving Colorado Springs. Originally an orphanage named The Christian Home for Children, the 2.5 acre property, donated to John and Nan Walden, became home to 34 orphaned children before ultimately refining its’ mission in the 80’s to focus on rebuilding the lives of single moms and their children.

Single-Parent Programs

Committed to nurturing and preparing single-parent families deal with overwhelming challenges, Women of Courage merged with Family Life Services in 2012 to reach further into a community of need. The combined effort delivers even greater opportunity to encourage healing and self-sufficiency by providing low-fee, onsite living quarters, professional counseling, one-to-one mentoring, crisis assistance and life skills development. With a shared mission to afford each mom a safe, structured environment in which to rebuild their families, Family Life Services and Women of Courage Outreach are dedicated to expanding their networks and resources in order to make an even greater difference.

Our Updated Mission Statement

Recently, Family Life Services also expanded our mission to allow for opportunities to make our programming and services available to even more families in our community. By extending our mission, we are available to assist in-tact families, dads, and children, as well as single mothers.

The new mission of Family Life Services is to provide families with opportunities for spiritual and emotional healing through counseling, mentoring and training a secure environment.