Our Why

 It Starts with Our Why…

Because it is reflected over and over again in His word that God cares deeply for the hurting, the rejected, the lonely, the lost, the widow, the orphan, the disenfranchised, the poor, the needy, the foreigner, and those who have not received justice—Family Life Services was birthed.

The How

God used ordinary people throughout the ministry’s seventy-year history to do His work to meet the needs of those He cares about. This first began through John and Nan Walden in their obedience to take in orphans and start The Christian Home for Children.  As the years went by, other leaders have been used by God and have carried on the Lord’s vision to offer love and hope to the most vulnerable in our midst.

The What

Today this call takes the shape of helping hurting families— both single-parent families and in-tact families struggling in our culture. It involves their children who have suffered due to the consequences of sin and circumstances sometimes beyond their control.

Our help today looks like counseling for hurting couples and individuals who need wise guidance to sort out pressures they are facing. It looks like mentoring of single mothers to help them become independent and spiritually mature. It looks like a residential program that affords families an opportunity to have a safe environment to work out harmful past patterns and problems to help them move forward to a hopeful future. It looks like mentoring children and loving them to model God’s love and acceptance.

As Family Life Services staff serves today, we acknowledge that the Why is important to God and that this is our driving commitment towards accomplishing our mission.


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