Meet Our Volunteers – Jennifer, Housekeeping Diva

We love our volunteers at FLS.  In fact, we couldn’t provide the services we do to the moms and families we serve without them.  They fill in the gaps and turn our small staff into a large group of loving individuals who contribute the best of who they are to meet the need.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Empey – our housekeeper extraordinaire!  She has been with us for several months now and has contributed greatly to the upkeep of the Family Life Services’ offices.  Not having a full-time housekeeper on staff can result in a less than pleasant work environment rather quickly, but having Jennifer has made all the difference in the world.  She comes every week with her 14 month-old son, Zane, who is a her big helper.  Here is a little bit about who Jennifer is and what she does…

 What initially drew you to FLS as a volunteer?

 I went to one of Woodmen Valley Chapel’s volunteer days and chose to specifically work with FLS that day because it would be helping my fellow sisters in Christ and their children. To me, there is nothing more important than that!

Why did you choose to volunteer through housekeeping?

After volunteering at FLS that day, I knew I wanted to do more to help out this organization. What I really wanted to do was clean. I didn’t know what, but I wanted to help by cleaning! I was just pregnant at that time and working full time and sick as a dog, so it was not until after Zane was born that I was actually able to make good on the commitment to myself to find a way to help at FLS. Honestly, when Katie (FLS Volunteer Coordinator) said housekeeping was an option, I was so so so excited. It was exactly what I had wanted to do!

(Let me add that we had recently lost our former housekeeping volunteer, and we were trusting the Lord to provide a solution.  The solution’s name was Jennifer, and she walked in the door just weeks after we started to pray for help.)

Beyond providing a clean environment for FLS, what else do you feel you are contributing to the organization?

I know that I appreciate a clean environment. It helps me think clearly and be more productive, whether I’m at the office or at home, a clean environment makes a huge difference. So, I hope that is what I’m providing for the staff of FLS. Mostly though, I want to show the women and kiddos that are in and out of that house respect and love. They are the reason I’m doing this.

Have you gotten anything personally out of your volunteer experience?

I’ve gotten to meet some awesome kids, and a couple awesome moms! I am also grateful to be able to do this with Zane, it’s something fun for us to do together, especially now that he is more active. He carries around the trash bags and tries to put them in the trash cans, usually after I’ve already done it, but he does work really hard at it! I also want it to be second nature for him to give of himself. That’s really important to me. 

What is Zane’s favorite thing about volunteering?

Well, for sure, it’s NOT the vacuum cleaner, he hates it at my house too! I usually have to hold him if I’m vacuuming. Like I said before, he really likes to carry the trash bags around for me. He really wants to use the spray cleaner, but I’m not ready for that yet!  

What is one cleaning tip you could provide for the readers?

Have your cleaning supplies basic, organized and easy to get to. Really, I don’t think we need one million supplies, just a couple basics that work for you, and have them easy to access. Maybe put them in a bucket with a handle. Have all your rags or paper towels or scrubby pads there too. Then you can just grab it and go! 

What is your favorite splurge food?

It would have to be the 7 layer tower of heaven chocolate cake at PF Chang’s! That’s not it’s real name, I actually don’t know what it’s called, but I know I like it. No matter how hard I try though, I can’t finish the whole thing, the leftovers usually end up as my breakfast the next morning! 

Thank you, Jennifer, for ALL you do for us at Family Life Services.  You bless the staff and the families through your service and dedication.

Jennifer and Zane

If you are interested in volunteering with us at Family Life Services, you can find more information here:


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